skin up on me (sofuckingpunk) wrote,
skin up on me

A pinch and a punch for the first of the month.

I'm tired, I think I've managed to get about 7 hours sleep since Friday. I ended up going for drinks with people from school. It sucked. Everyone was really weird, and all totally different from me. All I heard most of the night was "god you've changed". I don't personally think I have. I mean I've always had the same ethics and beliefs, I may dress slightly differently but I've never been the same as any of them, and for that matter never had much in common with any of them. After drinks we went to an AWFUL club. It played music like "Nelly" and "Liberty-X". I had a boring time. I just sat and drank beer, which I got told is very un lady like. Saturday was cool, I started work at free spirit. Everyone was really nice, and I spent my lunch hour with my supervisor, Rob. He looks like Jesus. After work we all went to Nexus and I met up with everyone from Legends. Nexus was cool and I got exceedingly drunk. I danced a lot and we had to beg the DJ to play punk and ska because Saturdays are now supposedly rock and metal music night. Bollocks. I didn't get home until half past four on sunday morning because we had to wait hours for a taxi after we got out of Nexus at half two. Cowley went off on a bad one, all I wanted was to sleep. I worked again Sunday and came home and slept for about an hour. Hilary came home from Ayia Nappa today. Poor little thing, I hope her taste in music changes soon. I've been swaying her with some softer punk lately.

Anyway, I'm tired and need to get into bed again.
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