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It's my 18th Birthday on Saturday, it's weird. Mum and dad went halves on buying me a neato camera and I've been using it all day, I got black and white films and did arty stuff with the focus and zoom.

Stig phoned me when he got back from travelling and asked if he could come out for my birthday, I said ok. Rob wasn't happy. Stig doesn't know that I have a new boyfriend and Rob thinks he's going to try it on. I promised him that nothing would happen. It won't.

The family are all coming round on Saturday afternoon for tea and present giving, then I'm going to stay at Rob's and we're going to go to some pubs in town then to the nexus. Loads of my friends are coming too so it should be fun.

I'm staying at Rob's on Friday too, and he said he's going to get candle's and flowers and special stuff and we'll have a quiet night in together, since I haven't seen him since Monday :( I'm missing him loads, I'm used to seeing him everyday.

I've been reading lots of journals lately, I'm annoyed with myself that I haven't stayed in proper contact with everyone. I've also forgotten my password for the b_side_ska_queen e-mail account so if you want to contact me then please use the x_DNAdoll one.

I miss you all, squillions. Infact, more than you all could ever imagine.

Love you all,
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