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I was just talking to Rob on the phone about stuff, and it was fine. I then happened to mention the whole moving out and finding a flat thing and he said, "You do know I won't be able to move out with you, I can't leave the guys at the house." He currently shares a house with three of his "friends" although all I ever see them do is scrounge money and food off of him and then never repay him, he currently has no money due to loaning it all to them. I'm not asking him to do it straight away, I mean it won't be for a while yet any way, they'd have plenty of notice. I have to find a job first, then wait for my first pay check...what an arse. I proceeded to tell him I had to go and put the phone down. The stupidest things are getting me down right now. I feel like I've been kicked in the stomach and my eyes are making stupid fucking tears.
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